Which of the following is the best predictor of violence? (2023)

Which of the following is the best predictor of violence?

If we recognize unregulated anger as the problem, we may be able to help people who are likely to become violent. The best predictor of future violence is past violence.

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What is the main predictors of violence?

Physical factors increase the risk of violence as well. These include lack of sleep, physical exhaustion, use of drugs or alcohol, brain trauma, heat, hunger, cold, physical disability, or chronic pain. Situational Factors. Situational factors are also predictive of violence.

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What is one of the main predictors of violence quizlet?

A history of violence is the single best predictor of future violence. 2. Patients who are delusional, hyperactive, impulsive, or predisposed to irritability are at higher risk for violence.

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Which factor is a predictor of violent behavior quizlet?

A history of prior aggression or violence is the best predictor of who may become violent. Patients with anxiety disorders are not particularly prone to violence unless panic occurs. Patients experiencing hopelessness and powerlessness may have coexisting anger, but violence is uncommon.

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What is the best predictor of aggression quizlet?

Terms in this set (36)

Describes the use of force to acquire scarce (limited) resources. Gender is the best predictor of aggression.

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What is the best predictor?

“The best predictor of future behaviour is past behaviour”, has been attributed to everyone from psychologists, such as Albert Ellis, Walter Michel, and B.F. Skinner, to writers such as Mark Twain.

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Which of the following is the strongest predictor of family violence?

Exposure to domestic violence as a child is the single strongest predictor of domestic violence in adulthood (National Domestic Violence Hotline).

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What are the predictors of risk in aggression?

Predicting Violence

Our findings on these static predictors of violence are consistent with previous literature and include high psychopathy (25, 35, 36); low verbal IQ; drug use; low levels of education (25); and high levels of anger, impulsivity, or symptomatology of severe mental disorders (36).

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Which factor is the weakest predictor of violence quizlet?

Research evidence shows that mental illness is at best a weak predictor of violent behavior.

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Which of the following are the most reliable risk factors for violence quizlet?

What are the 2 most reliable risk factors for violence? Age and sex.

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What are 3 factors that contribute to violent behavior?

A combination of individual, relationship, community, and societal factors contribute to the risk of youth violence.

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What are two factors that contribute to violence?

Other factors which can be causes of violence include:

Having low self-worth. Experiencing abuse or neglect. Witnessing violence in the home, community, or medias. Access to weapons.

Which of the following is the best predictor of violence? (2023)
What is the strongest predictor of behavior?

The key here is that your best predictor of future behavior is past behavior or past performance in a similar situation. If you've always done something a certain way, you're likely to do that same thing in the same manner in the future.

Which of the following is the best predictor of behavior change?

The best predictor of behavior is intention or instrumentality (belief that the behavior will lead to the intended outcome). Instrumentality is determined by three things: their attitude toward the specific behavior, their subjective norms, and their perceived behavioral control.

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