Which company has lower PE ratio? (2024)

Which company has lower PE ratio?

low pe stocks
S.No.NameCMP Rs.
1.Forbes & Co711.20
2.Standard Inds.27.80
3.EKI Energy1415.20
4.Kwality Pharma334.70
22 more rows

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Which company has the best PE ratio?

Companies ranked by P/E ratio
#NameP/E ratio
1Kaixin Auto 1KXIN0.2051
2Navios Maritime Holdings 2NM0.3318
4Juventus Turin 4JUVE.MI0.3668
56 more rows

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Is low PE ratio the best?

P/E ratio, or price-to-earnings ratio, is a quick way to see if a stock is undervalued or overvalued. And so generally speaking, the lower the P/E ratio is, the better it is for both the business and potential investors. The metric is the stock price of a company divided by its earnings per share.

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Why is a lower PE ratio better?

Many investors will say that it is better to buy shares in companies with a lower P/E because this means you are paying less for every dollar of earnings that you receive. In that sense, a lower P/E is like a lower price tag, making it attractive to investors looking for a bargain.

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What are low PE stocks?

Companies with P/E ratios below their industry and market average, with a minimum market cap of $250M+

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What is PE ratio of Tata Motors?

P/E ratio as of November 2022 (TTM): -15.2

According to Tata Motors's latest financial reports and stock price the company's current price-to-earnings ratio (TTM) is -15.202.

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Which PE is good for stocks?

Average PE of Nifty in the last 20 years was around 20. * So PEs below 20 may provide good investment opportunities; lower the PE below 20, more attractive the investment potential.

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Is a PE ratio of 10 good?

A P/E ratio of 10 might be pretty normal for a utility company, while it might be exceptionally low for a software business. That's where the industry PE ratios come into play.

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Is 5 a good PE ratio?

It is arguable that a PE of five or less is not a remarkable bargain. While it might look as if the company's prospects are being viewed too negatively, it is not a bad rule of thumb to filter out companies with a PE below this level.

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Should you buy low PE stocks?

There are a number of benefits to investing in low P/E stocks, including the potential for higher returns, lower risk and increased stability. However, investors should carefully analyze and understand why a company is low at its price-to-earnings ratio.

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Is an 8 PE ratio good?

Although eight is a lower P/E, and thus technically a more attractive valuation, it's also likely that this company is facing financial difficulties leading to the lower EPS and the low $2 stock price. Conversely, a high P/E ratio could mean a company's stock price is overvalued.

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Which company has lowest share?

low price shares
S.No.NameCMP Rs.
1.Elixir Capital44.80
2.HB Stockholdings58.65
3.Dhunseri Vent.260.90
4.B N Rathi Sec.37.15
22 more rows

Which company has lower PE ratio? (2024)
What causes PE ratio to fall?

A low PE ratio may signal that the stock price doesn't accurately reflect the true value of the company based on its earnings. In this instance, the stock price may stay the same while the company's earnings increase, which would send the PE ratio lower.

Why is a PE ratio of 15 good?

Companies that grow faster than average typically have higher P/Es, such as technology companies. A higher P/E ratio shows that investors are willing to pay a higher share price today because of growth expectations in the future. The average P/E for the S&P 500 has historically ranged from 13 to 15.

Is high PE ratio good?

A high P/E ratio can be a good indicator of a company with good growth prospects. However, it is not enough to look at the P/E ratio alone. Ensure that you analyze the financials and fundamentals of the company and its competition to determine its growth prospects. This can help you make a more informed decision.

Is 30 a good PE ratio?

A P/E of 30 is high by historical stock market standards. This type of valuation is usually placed on only the fastest-growing companies by investors in the company's early stages of growth. Once a company becomes more mature, it will grow more slowly and the P/E tends to decline.

What stocks are low risk?

Best Low Risk Stocks To Buy In 2022
  • Shell plc (NYSE:SHEL)
  • Costco Wholesale Corporation (NASDAQ:COST)
  • PepsiCo, Inc. (NASDAQ:PEP)
  • Walmart Inc. (NYSE:WMT)
  • AbbVie Inc. (NYSE:ABBV)
  • The Home Depot, Inc. (NYSE:HD)
24 Oct 2022

What is Wipro PE ratio?

The price to earnings ratio is calculated by taking the latest closing price and dividing it by the most recent earnings per share (EPS) number. The PE ratio is a simple way to assess whether a stock is over or under valued and is the most widely used valuation measure. Wipro PE ratio as of November 04, 2022 is 18.15.

What is PE ratio of TCS?

PE Ratio of TCS is 31.32. Earning per share of TCS is 108.24. Price/Sales ratio of TCS is 7.14. Price to Book ratio of TCS is 13.77.

What is PE ratio of Reliance Power?

Stock's PE is -5.57. Price to Book Ratio of 0.38. EPS (trailing 12 month) of Reliance Power share is -2.88.

Which PE is good for nifty?

If the P/E ratio of Nifty 50 is below 15, the index is undervalued. You can expect the stocks in the index to bounce back shortly. This may be a good time to buy shares in the index and book profit later.

What PE ratio does Warren Buffett use?

In order to determine whether he could pursue or ignore a company, Buffett would find the P/E and the book value. He would focus on a business with a P/E of 15 or lower.

Which is best stock to buy today?

Stocks to Buy Today: Best Shares to Buy in India
Adani Ports885.400.50
Apollo Hospitals4,732.000.12
Asian Paints3,165.35-0.31
Axis Bank900.35-0.10
11 more rows

What is a cheap PE ratio?

There's no specific number that indicates expensiveness, but, typically, stocks with P/E ratios of below 15 are considered cheap, while stocks above about 18 are thought of as expensive. Depending on your view of the market, expensive isn't necessarily bad.

Is 80 a good PE ratio?

For instance, if the relative P/E ratio of a counter is 80%, when compared to the benchmark P/E levels, it means that the company's absolute ratio is lower than the industry. Likewise, Relative P/E ratio higher than 100% implies that a business has outperformed the benchmark or the industry in the given time frame.

What is a good PE ratio by industry?

PE ratio or price to earnings ratio is one such popular valuation tool.
P/E Ratio By Industry.
Row LabelsAnnual VolatilityPE Ratio
Diversified Commercial Services50.40%28.07
Diversified Financial Services72.81%8.97
Diversified Manufacture78.36%41.18
EDP Services104.67%36.47
124 more rows
27 Jan 2022

Is a 14 PE ratio good?

Higher P/E stocks, in general, are considered more expensive; while lower P/E stocks are, in general, considered cheap. Over history, the average P/E ratio of the stock market has been around 15-17.

Is 200 a good PE ratio?

P/E ratios contract when people don't have confidence in the company's future. It would usually mean the market does not understand how to value that particular company. P/e of over 200x indicates that past earnings are not indicative and that future earnings might grow exponentially.

Is 12 a good PE ratio?

P/E ratio indicates what amount an investor is paying against every dollar of earnings. A higher P/E ratio indicates that an investor is paying more for each unit of net income. So P/E ratio between 12 to 15 is acceptable.

What is high PE stock?

A higher PE ratio indicates that investors pay more for each dollar of earnings than they earn back in dividends or cash flow. So, if a company has a low P/E, but its stock is trading at a high price, it may be worth considering whether the company's business model can support that level of stock price.

Is a 16 PE ratio good?

So take your pick. We can say that a stock with a P/E ratio significantly higher than 16 to 17 is “expensive” compared to the long-term average for the market, but that doesn't necessarily mean the stock is “overvalued.”

Which is best penny stock?

Best Penny Stocks to Buy In India
  • Vodafone Idea Ltd. Telecom.
  • Alok Industries Ltd. Textile.
  • Jammu & Kashmir Bank Ltd. Banking.
  • Indian Overseas Bank. Banking.
  • Bank of Maharashtra Ltd. Banking.
  • Dish Tv India Ltd. Satellite Television.
  • Morepen Laboratories Ltd. Pharmaceutical.
15 Nov 2022

Which is best share under 5 RS?

Stocks Under Rs 5 that Pay Best Dividend.
Shares Under Rs 5 – Highest Net Profit Margin.
Stock NamePrice (₹)Net Profit Margin %
Frontier Capital Ltd0.103.72
Bhudevi Infra Projects Ltd1.132.47
Hindusthan Udyog Ltd2.273.16
BSEL Infrastructure Realty Ltd39.494.55
6 more rows

Which company will grow in future?

Future Growth Company
S.No.NameQtr Profit Var %
1.Guj. Themis Bio.35.61
2.Tanla Platforms-18.89
3.Sportking India-99.96
4.Share India Sec.48.99
22 more rows

What is a good PE ratio for growth?

In general, a good PEG ratio has a value lower than 1.0. PEG ratios greater than 1.0 are generally considered unfavorable, suggesting a stock is overvalued. Meanwhile, PEG ratios lower than 1.0 are considered better, indicating a stock is relatively undervalued.

Is PE a serious problem?

Because the clots block blood flow to the lungs, pulmonary embolism can be life-threatening. However, prompt treatment greatly reduces the risk of death. Taking measures to prevent blood clots in your legs will help protect you against pulmonary embolism.

What does PE of 20 mean?

P/E Ratio Formula

For instance, if a company has a P/E Ratio of 20, investors are willing to pay Rs. 20 in its stocks for Re. 1 of their current earnings. Hence, when a company demonstrates high P/E Ratio, it means that either the company is overvalued or is on a trajectory to growth.

What is fair PE?

For most companies, when the P/E ratio is above 15, the investor should automatically recognize that the stock is getting expensive. In contrast, when the P/E ratio is below 15, the prudent investor might suspect that there is a bargain or attractive opportunity at hand.

How important is PE ratio?

Why Is the P/E Ratio Important? The P/E ratio gives you an idea of how much, as an investor, you'll need to invest for every $1 in earnings. “This is a quick and easy evaluation metric to calculate and compare a stock and its peers,” says Muñoz.

Is a high PE ratio good?

If you were wondering “Is a high PE ratio good?”, the short answer is “no”. The higher the P/E ratio, the more you are paying for each dollar of earnings. This makes a high PE ratio bad for investors, strictly from a price to earnings perspective.

Is a 30 PE ratio good?

A P/E of 30 is high by historical stock market standards. This type of valuation is usually placed on only the fastest-growing companies by investors in the company's early stages of growth. Once a company becomes more mature, it will grow more slowly and the P/E tends to decline.

What is a high PE?

A high P/E ratio might indicate that a stock's price is high relative to its earnings and potentially suggests that the stock is overvalued. On the other hand, a low P/E ratio might mean that a stock is undervalued.

Is 9 a good PE ratio?

An investment with a below-average P/E ratio would be classified as a value investment. Citigroup, with a price-to-earnings ratio under 9, would be considered a value company. The P/E ratio can be used to compare two or more companies.

Which is best shares to buy?

Best Stocks to Buy in India for Long Term
  • Reliance Industries. Multinational Conglomerate.
  • Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) Information Technology.
  • Infosys. Information Technology.
  • HDFC Bank. Banking.
17 Nov 2022

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