What does luck do in triangle strategy? [Solved] (2022)

What does luck do in triangle strategy?

What does Luck do? Luck only affects one thing in Triangle Strategy: the odds of you landing critical hits. Everything else is dependent on the skill, level of upgrade, other stats such as evasion and more.... read more ›

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What does luck affect in Triangle Strategy?

How does Luck Work? Triangle Strategy - YouTube... read more ›

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Does Triangle Strategy have perma death?

There is no permadeath in Triangle, and the game is scaled harder for it. So don't punish yourself by reloading immediately when one of your soldiers bites the dust. They'll be okay, so long as they weren't a key character that you needed to protect during specific maps.... see details ›

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What is the fastest way to level the Triangle Strategy?

Use the Mental Mock Battles to try out each units' skills. In order for everyone to get XP, they will have to Attack or use a Triangle Strategy Skill and/or Item. Having a character simply move from one square to another will not generate any XP. If using Items, use a low-cost Item such as an HP Recovery Pellet.... continue reading ›

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How many endings has Triangle Strategy?

There are multiple branching storylines in Triangle Strategy, and your experience can change depending on the choices you make throughout the game. There are some tough decisions to make along the way, and these can turn into different recruitable characters, as well as four different endings.... continue reading ›

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When should I upgrade Triangle Strategy?

You can upgrade weapons in Triangle Strategy as soon as you unlock the Encampment by speaking to the smithy, and this is also how you enhance a character's abilities. Triangle Strategy doesn't feature equipment aside from accessories, and you can't change weapons.... continue reading ›

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Is Triangle Strategy all talking?

Every battle in Triangle Strategy is a part of the main story, and you'll be hearing dialogue just as much as you'll be swinging swords. Speaking of battles, if you've watched a trailer, then you know Triangle Strategy apes tactical RPGs like Final Fantasy Tactics, Fire Emblem, or Tactics Ogre.... read more ›

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How many hours of gameplay is Triangle Strategy?

Game Length is about 50 Hours

It will take you about 50 hours to complete Triangle Strategy from Chapter 1 to one of the game's endings. This estimate includes viewing all story cutscenes and reading all dialogues.... see more ›

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Can you revive characters in Triangle Strategy?

Revitalize Triangle Strategy - YouTube... see more ›

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What happens if you lose a battle Triangle Strategy?

There are no penalties for loosing battles in Triangle Strategy. Triangle Strategy has no permadeath, and if you get a game over during battle, you can restart while keeping all the experience you've earned. The items you've used will get reinitialized too.... read more ›

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Is Triangle Strategy grindy?

It's no secret that battles Triangle Strategy can get a little grindy. Your army will rarely be at the recommended level to take on the next stage if you don't grind.... read more ›

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Whats the highest level in Triangle Strategy?

The top upgrade a Triangle Strategy character can hit is the Elite unit, and the highest possible level a unit can reach is level 50.... view details ›

What does luck do in triangle strategy? [Solved] (2022)

Do mental mock battles give you XP?

Mock Battles are an endless source of XP

The best way to grind XP in Triangle Strategy is to participate in what the game refers to as Mental Mock Battles. These can be found by speaking with the bartender at your encampment.... see more ›

Does Triangle Strategy have multiple endings?

Triangle Strategy: All possible endings

There are four endings in Triangle Strategy, with three "regular" endings and a fourth "Golden Ending," the latter of which is only available with specific choices.... read more ›

How many chapters are in the Triangle Strategy?

The game features chapters that help tell its story, with chapters containing multiple battles and storytelling. Players are in for a long ride, with the main story having 21 chapters. Depending on how long they spend grinding and leveling their character, this can take over 50 hours to complete.... see details ›

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