What destroys a battleship? (2023)

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What destroys a battleship?


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What can defeat a battleship?

The battleship's predominant weakness comes in the form of submarines, which can easily decimate any battleship fleet, making it necessary to maintain an active layer of protection with destroyer and submarine escorts.

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What ended the battleship?

In World War II the extended striking range and power of naval aircraft effectively ended the dominance of the battleship. Battleships served mainly to bombard enemy coastal defenses in preparation for amphibious assault and as part of the air-defense screen protecting carrier task forces.

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What can sink a warship?

During the world wars of the early and mid-twentieth century, hundreds of ships and vessels were sunk. Torpedoes, underwater mines, depth charges, artillery fire etc. were responsible for the majority of these cases.

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Did the US ever lose a battleship?

No American battleship has ever been lost at sea, though four were sunk during the attack on Pearl Harbor. Of these, only USS Arizona (BB-39) and USS Oklahoma (BB-37) were permanently destroyed as a result of enemy action.

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Can a missile sink a battleship?

The first to be used operationally was a German weapon, the Fritz X. Initial attacks were unsuccessful, but on 9 September 1943, Fritz X damaged the Italian battleship Italia and sank the battleship Roma, the first successful strike by a guided missile against a capital ship.

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Can a destroyer sink a battleship?

The only battleship sunk in a fleet action by either torpedo boats or destroyers was the obsolescent German pre-dreadnought SMS Pommern. She was sunk by destroyers during the night phase of the Battle of Jutland.

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What is the last U.S. battleship built?

During the war the Missouri was manned by a crew of more than 2,500. The Missouri was built at the New York Naval Shipyard and was launched and commissioned in 1944—the last battleship ever launched by the United States.

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How many U.S. battleships are left?

There are no battleships left in any navy in the world, although a small number of them have been preserved as museum ships by private organizations. In the U.S. Navy, all battleships except the four Iowa class ships were decommissioned by 1947.

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Why did battleship fail?

Summer blockbusters rely on young audiences to buoy their box-office grosses, but Battleship's audience skewed notably older, says Pamela McClintock at The Hollywood Reporter. Two-thirds of the film's opening night crowd was over age 25.

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What ships don't sink?

A ship which has a large weight displace a large volume (thus large weight) of water. Hence the buoyancy force acting on the ship is much greater than the weight of the ship itself, making it to float on water. Thus ship do not sink in water.

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Which ship Cannot sink?

There is no such thing as an unsinkable ship. Ships are divided into watertight compartments so that flooding due to any damage to the hull is restricted to only the damaged compartments.

What destroys a battleship? (2023)
Can a torpedo sink a battleship?

The introduction of the torpedo provided a weapon that could cripple or sink any battleship. The first boat designed to fire the self-propelled Whitehead torpedo was HMS Lightning, completed in 1877.

Did Japan think they could beat USA?

And although the Japanese government never believed it could defeat the United States, it did intend to negotiate an end to the war on favorable terms. It hoped that by attacking the fleet at Pearl Harbor it could delay American intervention, gaining time to solidify its Asian empire.

What is the largest US battleship ever built?

USS Missouri (BB-63)
United States
Displacement57,540 long tons (58,460 t) (full load)
Length887 ft 3 in (270.4 m) (o/a)
Beam108 ft 2 in (33 m)
43 more rows

What is the most famous battleship?

Why the USS Missouri has been described as the most famous battleship ever built - USS Missouri (en)

Can a warship survive a nuke?

Today, any ship unfortunate enough to be at surface zero of a nuclear weapon burst, except a high altitude burst, undoubtedly would be destroyed. In a widely dispersed force, however, very few ships would be in the absolute lethal area.

Can a battleship survive a nuclear bomb?

According to an assessment by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, “A large ship, about a mile away from the explosion, would escape sinking, but the crew would be killed by the deadly burst of radiations from the bomb, and only a ghost ship would remain, floating unattended in the vast waters of the ocean.”

Do Navy ships have self destruct?

Military ships

Generally the scuttling of a ship uses strategically-placed explosive charges by a demolition crew and/or the deliberate cutting open of the hull rather than an in-built self-destruct system.

Can a battleship float in a bathtub?

Yes it floats. And it has displaced its "own weight of water" in the sense that if you had filled the container with water and only then lowered the ship into the container, nearly all that water would have been dispaced and is now sloshing around on the floor.

What is the most powerful battleship ever built?

Yamato 's Last Voyage. On her last morning, before the first American planes intercepted her, Yamato would have appeared indestructible. After all, she was the heaviest and most powerful battleship ever built, carrying the most formidable guns ever mounted at sea.

Did a submarine ever sink a battleship?

Sealion was the only US and Allied submarine responsible for the sinking of an enemy battleship during the Second World War. Her keel was laid down on 25 February 1943 by the Electric Boat Company of Groton, Connecticut. She was launched on 31 October 1943 sponsored by Mrs. Emory S.

Could the USS Missouri sail again?

Sure, but it would take about 1,500 men, a boatload of fresh fuel, and a pretty serious restocking of ammo. Well, that or a tugboat. The USS Missouri was finally retired in 1992 and turned from a warship into a museum—just like the one in the movie.

What is the oldest battleship still in service?

USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned ship in the United States Navy. Naval officers and crew still serve aboard the ship today. The USS Constitution is operated by the United States Navy, a partner to the National Parks of Boston.

Who would win USS Missouri or Bismarck?

Overall, the Bismarck had thinner armour except in the belt. This means that he Bismarck is more vulnerable to plunging fire than Missouri at long ranges. The belt would be important only at close range, and since Missouri was faster, Bismarck would not be able to close the range.

How many dreadnoughts are left?

While they were once numerous, today the only remaining dreadnought is the USS Texas, a museum ship. The history of the dreadnought is well told in this extensively illustrated volume.

Does the U.S. have a dreadnought?

The Texas is also notable as being the only remaining World War I-era dreadnought battleship, being the first U.S. battleship to become a permanent museum ship; and the first battleship declared to be a U.S. National Historic Landmark.

Will the U.S. bring back battleships?

Ardent battleship supporters have won another round; the Navy has reinstated two battleships—the Iowa (BB-61) and the Wisconsin (BB-64)—on the Naval Vessel Register (NVR), the official listing of ships owned by the Navy.

Why was battleship hated?

Battleship is not perfect. It has too much CGI and too many loud explosions, so the action sequences can be overstimulating at times. The aliens are uncomfortably humanoid, and it's a bit awkward when the film tries to sincerely honor American naval history and also talk about aliens with a straight face.

Could a battleship sink an aircraft carrier?

A battleship or even a large cruiser could very easily sink an aircraft carrier if she could close the range sufficiently to bring the carrier under fire. How such a ship can close the range from 200 to 20 miles in the face of a hostile air group and against a ship which is as fast or faster is something of a mystery.

Why is there no Battleship 2?

The primary reason that Battleship 2 never happened was the first movie's failure at the box office. Against its $220 million budget, the movie only made around $303 million globally.

What was the worst ship to sink?

The wartime sinking of the German Wilhelm Gustloff in January 1945 in World War II by a Soviet Navy submarine, with an estimated loss of about 9,400 people, remains the deadliest isolated maritime disaster ever, excluding such events as the destruction of entire fleets like the 1274 and 1281 storms that are said to ...

Why don't ships rot?

Because rot requires oxygen. Timbers underwater are largely protected from rot. The problem is there is more than air that can cause rot. Timbers would usually rot from the inside where there was constant moisture and exposure to air.

Why do big ships float on water?

The answer to why ships can float comes from the famous principle of Archimedes which says that the net upward force on an object immersed in water is equal to the weight of the water displaced by the object.

What did Titanic owner said?

this boat." More than hundred years ago, at 1140 on. April 14, 1912 Titanic struck the iceberg.

Do we sink old ships?

People actually sink ships for wreck diving sites, to create artificial reefs to stimulate oceanic environmental growth, and as professional, as well as commercial, training sites.

Can rain sink a ship?

Heavy rain can cause serious damage to boats in a number of ways. The most obvious way is by sinking the boat. The weight of the water can overwhelm the boat, causing it to take on water and eventually sink. This is more likely to happen with smaller boats, but even large boats can be at risk in extreme conditions.

Can a submarine outrun a torpedo?

The Soviet speed advantage can allow submarines literally to outrun U. S. torpedoes in certain scenarios. cantly deeper than current U. S. submarines can operate. This speed-depth combination provides Soviet submarines with the ability to make evasive maneuvers.

How long can a battleship stay at sea?

Normally ships will go to sea for 10 days to 2 weeks each month for training operations in preparation for deployment. Extended operations away from home port can last up to 6 to 9 months, and ships typically deploy once every 18-24 months.

Can a storm sink a submarine?

If the ocean bottom is too close then the sub may crash. The exact effects will depend on ocean bottom composition, angle of impact, speed of impact and luck. Shallow water during a storm would be dangerous to a WW2-era submarine.

Could Pearl Harbor have been prevented?

Most authorities agree that such a step would merely have postponed the day of reckoning, when our own Pacific territories would have been chosen as the next victims. To back down in 1941 would not only have been dishonorable, it would have been very unsound policy on the part of the United States.

Why did Japan bomb Pearl Harbor?

On 7 December 1941, Japan launched a surprise air attack on the US naval base at Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. Japanese forces also overran Allied possessions in south-east Asia and The Philippines. Japan hoped for a short war, seeking to quickly weaken US naval strength and capture strategically vital oil supplies.

Could Japan have won World War 2?

The Japanese could not possibly win, but they might be able to delay the end of the war into the fall of 1946. If the Americans found the rising casualties intolerable, they might settle for terms less than unconditional surrender.

Which was bigger Bismarck or Yamato?

The largest and most powerful battleships ever built, Japan's Yamato and Musashi, were constructed secretly. These behemoths carried nine 18-inch/45 guns, the largest caliber guns ever mounted on a battleship, and their broadside weight was more than twice that of the Bismarck's guns.

What battleship has the biggest gun?

The largest calibre guns ever mounted on a ship were the nine 45.7 cm (18 inch) guns installed on the Japanese battleships Yamato and Musashi. The shells weighed 1,452 kg (3,200 lb) and could be fired 43.5 km (27 miles). Yamato and Musashi were the largest battleships ever to sail.

Which US battleship had the biggest guns?

The nine 16-inch guns are the Mighty Mo's trademark feature. Each gun barrel is 65 feet long, weighs an incredible 116 tons, and can fire a 2,700-pound shell 23 miles in 50 seconds — with pinpoint accuracy. The Missouri was the last battleship ever built. She was also the most formidable.

What is the most feared battleship?

The Bismarck was the most feared battleship in the German Kriegsmarine (War Navy) and, at over 250 metres in length, the biggest. Yet, despite its presence, it would sink only one ship in its only battle. So what exactly made the Bismarck so famous?

What is the most beautiful battleship ever?

HMS Hood, one of the most beautiful Warship ever built. Royal navy ships, Warship, Battleship.

Which US Navy captain's last words were don't give up the ship?

June 1, 1813 – Today, American naval officer James Lawrence — the Captain of the USS Chesapeake — uttered the heroic words. “Don't give up the ship!” Reportedly, it was his last dying command to his men fighting in the War of 1812.

Can a battleship be sunk?

Much like battlecruisers, battleships typically sank with large loss of life if and when they were destroyed in battle.

What is the most weakest battleship?

The U.S.S. Massachusetts was the worst battleship ever made. That has a lot to do with why it has spent the last 95 years rusting on the seafloor just outside the mouth of Pensacola Bay. Today, the ship is an Underwater Archaeological Preserve managed by the state of Florida.

What battleship was nuked twice?

Nevada was one of several dozen ships sent to Bikini Atoll to test the effects of nuclear weapons on warships. Nevada, painted bright orange for the tests, survived two nuclear detonations but was damaged and heavily irradiated by the second, underwater explosion.

What happens if you sink the battleship?

Whenever any one of your ships has been sunk, you lose one shot when you fire your next salvo. The more ships sunk, the less shots you get. For example, if 1 of Alex's 5 ships has been sunk, he must call out only 4 shots on his next turn, instead of 5.

Is it illegal to own a battleship?

It is legal to own a battleship, but not its weapons. It is also national policy to never sell a demilitarized warship that could be repurposed as a warship by a third party. The ships are usually sold to private owners for scrapping after the weaponry has been removed. Some are sold or donated to museums.

What was the hardest battleship to sink?

It took four and a half days to sink the U.S.S. Nevada. The 575-foot-long battleship, painted bright orange from its earlier role as a nuclear test target, was towed out of Pearl Harbor to sea, where a classified explosive was detonated in its hull.

What ship is bigger than a battleship?

Battlecruisers were in many cases larger and more expensive than contemporary battleships, due to their much larger propulsion plants.

What was the heaviest battleship ever?

Gigantic Hull

If greatness can be measured by size, Yamato was indeed the greatest battleship ever built. Her hull was 863 feet long—longer than all but America's Iowa-class ships. Fully loaded, Yamato displaced about 70,000 tons of water, outweighing even the biggest Allied battleships by more than 20 percent.

Could the hood have beaten the Bismarck?

There was little doubt that Hood, the most powerful warship in the fleet, could easily take care of Bismarck.

Who actually sank the Bismarck?

The third phase on the morning of 27 May was an attack by the British battleships King George V and Rodney supported by the heavy cruisers Norfolk and Dorsetshire. After about 100 minutes of fighting, Bismarck was sunk by the combined effects of shellfire, torpedo hits and deliberate scuttling.

What is the oldest battleship still afloat?

USS Constitution is the oldest commissioned ship in the United States Navy. Naval officers and crew still serve aboard the ship today.

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