Milo triangle strategy? (2023)

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How do you get Milo in Triangle Strategy?

Milo is one of the characters in Triangle Strategy that you can only recruit if you chose the right choices. This means that you don't need to raise a specific conviction value for Milo as she'll join you as long as you're on the right track. For Milo to join your army, you must go to House Wolffort in Chapter 15.

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How do you get the Morality ending Triangle Strategy?

In order to obtain the Morality ending for Triangle Strategy, players will have to make sure their answers stick to moral values such as honor and justice. Select these choices during your playthrough and you'll get this ending. Choosing this ending will cause you to lose Benedict as a playable character.

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What ending does Serenoa get in Triangle Strategy?

Golden Ending: Serenoa abandons the notion of the Scales of Conviction and chooses to work through the problems at hand, finding a solution that will benefit everyone. With none of your three closest companions leaving, Benedict, Roland, and Frederica will each lead a party.

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Why is Milo so successful?

But what makes MILO so good? The goodness of MILO comes from the ingredients, i.e. malt barley, milk and cocoa, each of which has its own benefit. Malt barley gives you energy, while milk is a source of protein and calcium. Cocoa gives MILO the unmistakably distinctive aroma and delicious chocolatey taste you love.

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Who is the best healer in Triangle Strategy?

Geela is by far the best healer in Triangle Strategy, both in terms of recovery numbers and speed. She also has the Haste ability which can be hugely useful, especially if you give her the Vanguard Scarf, which guarantees she acts first in each battle.

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Can you recruit avlora?

General Avlora is one of the characters that can be recruited through choices alone. This means that you don't need to reach a certain amount of conviction value before she joins your army.

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Who is the best character in Triangle Strategy?

While personal preference will always play a role in character selection, these characters stand out as some of the best party members in Triangle Strategy.
  • 8 Corentin.
  • 7 Hughette.
  • 6 Prince Roland.
  • 5 Narve.
  • 4 Trish.
  • 3 Anna.
  • 2 Serenoa.
  • 1 Frederica.
Sep 24, 2022

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What happens if you surrender Roland?

If players give up Roland, he will survive, so don't worry too much about giving him up. Though Roland will not be available to level up in the Triangle Strategy Encampment until he returns to the party. If he is surrendered, players will move onto Chapter Seven, Part Two - Fate in Flames.

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Should I give up the Roselle?

Best Method to Surrender the Roselle

If you're actively pursuing Triangle Strategy's Golden Route, the "best" possible ending (technically subjective, but it's the nicest outcome overall), you must protect the Roselle. Surrendering the Roselle sunders your chances entirely going forward.

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Do choices really matter in Triangle Strategy?

The many decisions in Triangle Strategy can leave players with a variety of emotions and impacts, but not all of them are as affecting as the others. Some of the best options require deep thought and consideration, as well as have rewarding or impactful results.

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Can you get golden route on first playthrough?

Because of that, you'll be in a better position with fully upgraded units and an expanded army. Still, if you really want to get the true ending on your first playthrough, it's absolutely possible.

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Are serenoa and roland related?

The reveal that Serenoa and Roland are half-brothers killed any pairing they had. Author's Saving Throw: The initial demo was purposely used to get feedback on gameplay, and Team Asano listened by adding Anti-Frustration Features like a log for story dialogue, adjustable difficulty settings and a lack of permadeath.

Milo triangle strategy? (2023)
What happens if an ally dies in Triangle Strategy?

It does what it says on the time: if a character dies, they're gone forever. It's a punishing mechanic that raises the stakes in a tactical RPG. Combined with likable characters, it makes for tense gameplay where your decisions in battle matter more.

Who is the main antagonist in Triangle Strategy?

Gustadolph Aesfrost is a non-player character as well as one of 2 main antagonists in Triangle Strategy.

How long does MILO last?

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How do you make the perfect MILO?

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Why choose MILO?

MILO® and skim milk is a nutritious formulated supplementary food that contains 8 essential vitamins & minerals. MILO® and milk contains: Calcium & Vitamin D for strong bones. Iron that helps carry oxygen around the body.

Can you recruit Maxwell Triangle Strategy?

Ser Maxwell is a unit that you can only recruit through choices. This means that you don't need to increase any conviction level for him to join your army. Ser Maxwell will join your army if you protected the Roselles in Chapter 11.

Is Cordelia better than Geela?

This restores HP to an ally at the start of that specific unit's turn. A really good ability to cast on a unit on the front lines. She also has a better AoE healing ability called Healing Region compared to Geela's and Narve's Sanctuary. All in all, Cordelia is just the best healer in the game.

Who is the best healing ninja?

Naruto: 8 Strongest Medical Ninjas, Ranked
  • 8 Ino Yamanaka.
  • 7 Karin.
  • 6 Shizune.
  • 5 Shin Uchiha.
  • 4 Chiyo.
  • 3 Kabuto Yakushi.
  • 2 Tsunade Senju.
  • 1 Sakura Haruno.
Mar 1, 2022

Who is the easiest to recruit fe3h?

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - The 10 Easiest Characters To Recruit
  • 8 Hanneman & Manuela.
  • 7 Caspar.
  • 6 Shamir.
  • 5 Catherine.
  • 4 Dorothea.
  • 3 Ignatz.
  • 2 Cyril.
  • 1 Sylvain.
May 13, 2020

Can you recruit Travis and Trish?

Trish is one of those characters that will join you if you've made the right choices. For Trish, she'll join you if you've protected the Roselles during Chapters 11 and 12. She'll join you in Chapter 15 which means that in a single playthrough, you won't be able to hire Trish, Cordelia, Travis, and Milo.

Can you recruit Travis in Triangle Strategy?

Travis is a character in Triangle Strategy. He is recruitable if the player chooses to visit the Roselle Village in Chapter XV, Part I: A Banner's Worth, after surrendering the Roselle in Chapter XI, Part I: Oppressions Under the Sun.

What is the best grinding in Triangle Strategy?

The best way to grind XP in Triangle Strategy is to participate in what the game refers to as Mental Mock Battles. These can be found by speaking with the bartender at your encampment. These battles are unrelated to the story and exist to let you practice taking on certain types of situations and enemies.

Should I accept or reject Silvio?

With that said, we would recommend rejecting Silvio's offer, as tempting as it may be to take him up on it. While neither options affect any actual story routes, refusing him results in an easier battle than if you were to accept it, making you only fight Rufus instead of an entire army in “House Telliore's Treachery.”

Is Ezana any good Triangle Strategy?

Ezana makes a great addition to almost any team. Even if she never reaches max level in Triangle Strategy, her powers are extremely strong and players should aim to pick her up as soon as possible.

Should I protect or surrender Roland?

Should You Vote To Protect Roland Or Surrender Him? The important thing to know right off the bat is that no matter what you choose, Roland will survive either way. The Aesfrosti do not execute him. In addition, it is possible to achieve the golden ending of the game with either choice.

Should I tell svarog about Roland?

It's worth noting here that the golden ending requires that you reveal Roland's identity to Svarog. If you keep it a secret, you will not be able to pick the Serenoa route at the tail-end of the game.

How do you keep Prince Roland?

If you want to protect Roland you'll need to convince at least one of Anna, Roland, Benedict, and Geela. The others are already all for protecting him. Protecting Roland is a Morality decision... obviously.

Is Jade Thumb Ring worth it Triangle Strategy?

This is a costly Triangle Strategy Equipment Item at 10,000 coins and only becomes purchasable later in the game. The Jade Thumb Ring will double a unit's XP gain, so it may be worth buying if players have enough coins. Triangle Strategy is available now on Nintendo Switch.

Where is Sorsley's secret ledger?

You can find the secret ledger in the home behind the merchant (next to the fountain) on the bookshelf in the back of the house. Serenoa will learn about Sorsley's Bribery and add Lyla's Secretary's Journal to his Notes.

What did the Roselle do Triangle Strategy?

The Roselle, it is said, were cruel manipulators whose greed knew no bounds. They sought complete control over salt – an all-important resource modern society believes can only be found in a single lake at the heart of Hyzante's capital – and for their villainy, they were enslaved.

Is Triangle Strategy too easy?

While Very Easy is listed as being for beginners to tactics games, the battles in this mode can still be challenging for those new to tactics games. Players will still have to use Triangle Strategy's encampment to level up in mock battles to ensure they are the proper level for each battle.

How many hours does it take to beat Triangle Strategy?

When focusing on the main objectives, Triangle Strategy is about 34 Hours in length. If you're a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 99½ Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Triangle Strategy better than three houses?

It all comes down to personal preference. Triangle Strategy has a classic old-school feel with engaging music and a good class system with characters players will want to care about. The overall story and production of Fire Emblem: Three Houses is what makes it appealing. Fans cannot go wrong with either choice.

Who should you promote Triangle Strategy?

Triangle Strategy: Best Units To Promote
  • 10 Jens.
  • 9 Flanagan.
  • 8 Frederica.
  • 7 Roland.
  • 6 Geela.
  • 5 Corentin.
  • 4 Serenoa.
  • 3 Hughette.
Sep 28, 2022

Is Medina good Triangle Strategy?

Medina is often one of the characters that are overlooked due to the fact that she uses items and buying them can easily drain your coins. Not even factoring the way the store works in Triangle Strategy wherein items only have a set stock.

Who is the villain in Triangle Strategy?

Gustadolph Aesfrost is a non-player character as well as one of 2 main antagonists in Triangle Strategy.

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