Can you delete Facebook logged actions? (2024)

Can you delete Facebook logged actions?

Scroll down to Logged Actions and Other Activity, then tap View Logged Actions. Tap Filters at the top, then tap Categories. Tap Search History. Tap next to the search you want to delete, then tap Delete.

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How do I clear all logged actions and other activity on Facebook?

Tap View Activity History. Tap Filters at the top, then tap Categories. Tap Logged Actions and Other Activity, then tap Search History. In the top left, tap Clear Searches.

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What happens when you delete activity log on Facebook?

When you delete something from activity log, it will be deleted from Facebook and can't be restored. Move to Archive. When you move your content to your Archive, it'll only be visible to you. If you choose to restore your content, it'll be visible to the audience that was selected before it was moved to Archive.

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How do I get rid of logged action and other activity?

Delete individual activity items
  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Scroll down to your activity.
  3. Find the item you want to delete. You can find an item a few different ways, including: Browse by day. Search or use filters.
  4. On the item you want to delete, click Delete .

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What does logged actions mean on Facebook?

See less. What is activity log? Activity log is a place where you can review and manage your Facebook activity. You can scroll through your content, or you can filter your content by category to review specific things like posts, posts you're tagged in, photos and videos, friend requests and your events.

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Does Facebook activity log show everything?

Note: Only you can see your activity log, but the posts and other content in your activity log may appear other places on Facebook, like on your profile, in Search or in your friends' Feeds. Learn more about how to use your activity log to manage what you share. Was this helpful?

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Does Facebook activity log show deleted comments?

No, once deleted comments no longer appear on your wall or the post.

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Does deleting my activity delete everything?

Yes, Google may keep information that you have used the search function, but it will not keep any data about what you searched for. If you want to delete everything, you'll need to delete your entire Google Account.

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How long does Facebook keep your activity log?

After 30 days, the content will be automatically deleted and can't be restored. Keep in mind, not all content in your activity log is able to be moved to Archive or Trash. When you choose Manage Activity in your activity log, you'll only see the content that you're able to move.

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Can you track someones activity on Facebook?

How to see someone's activity log on Facebook? Open Facebook app, and tap the menu icon. Then tap the user name and find Activity Log. You can check each category to review activities.

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Can you delete activity log on iPhone?

Delete all activity

On your iPhone or iPad, go to Above your activity, tap Delete . Tap All time. Delete.

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How do I delete login and logout history on Facebook?

Removing saved login information from your Facebook account
  1. Tap. in the top right of Facebook.
  2. Scroll to the bottom and tap Settings & Privacy, then tap Settings.
  3. Below Account, tap Password and Security.
  4. Tap See all next to Where you're logged in.
  5. Tap the device or browser you want to remove, then tap Log Out.

Can you delete Facebook logged actions? (2024)
How do I delete an activity type?

To delete one activity type, enter the activity type on the initial screen for individual processing. To delete more than one activity type, enter the selection criteria for the activity types on the initial screen for collective processing.

How do I delete activity settings?

On your Google “My Activity” page, select the menu icon (three vertical dots) in the right-hand corner next to the “Search your activity” bar. Select “Delete activity by.”

How do I delete Google Assistant actions?

Delete a specific activity
  1. On your phone, touch and hold the Home button or say "Hey Google."
  2. In your Google Assistant conversation, find an item you want to delete.
  3. Touch and hold the item. Related items will get highlighted. Delete group.

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